Advising Resources


As your advisor, my goal is to get to know why you’re here and what you want to do, then help you get there. What are your interests, experiences, and aspirations? What comes after your time at St. Joe’s? We can (and should) talk about courses you should take, internships, service work, and so on. So how can you make the most of our time?

First, say hello and introduce yourself. Make an appointment here:

Second, make sure you have the information you need to complete your degree. I’ve put together some important resources and tips in the video below, along with some important links.

Unofficial Dept. Website

Department Facebook Page

Class Search Page

Third, when it comes time to register for classes, you’ll need your PIN (look for an email from me as registration time nears and I will help you obtain that PIN). If you’re not sure which classes to take, make sure you watch the video above. Then, if you make an appointment to talk with me about classes, first be sure that you’ve printed and filled out your plan of study form, then make an appointment with me.

Finally, keep in touch! As you progress through your classes and this program, even if you’re very self-sufficient, be sure to check in time to time to talk. It’s difficult for me to do things like write letters of recommendation for you if I haven’t gotten to know you a little.