New Publication: Synchronous and asynchronous online international collaboration: The Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project

I’m happy to report that I’ve published a new article with Karen Sorensen and Bruce Maylath in Connexions: An International Professional Communication Journal. Our article discusses some of our work with the Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project. Here’s a link to the article if you’d like to have a read. Thanks to my coauthors, editors, and reviewers!


Since its inception in 1999-2000, the Trans-Atlantic & Pacific Project (TAPP) has involved 19 universities in 12 countries. Participating institutions have collaborated simultaneously on translation, usability testing, and editing projects, affording both American and European students the opportunity to collaborate on a wide variety of topics, via both synchronous and asynchronous communication technologies. Although the TAPP is facilitated with students on university campuses, it focuses on writing, translation, and editing projects that mirror what students often encounter in professional positions after graduation and which prepare students to work collaboratively across great distances in online and virtual workspaces in cross-cultural virtual teams. In this longitudinal teaching case, we provide some background of the TAPP, discuss briefly its adaptation to diverse disciplines and technological spaces, and address the difficulties in managing projects across great distances and the tools developed by 2014 to aid project management.

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