New Publication: Crafting Malfunction: Rhetoric & Circuit-Bending

Check out the new issue of Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion, titled “Craft Rhetorics.” There are a number of outstanding pieces the issue, and I’m happy to have contributed a collaborative work with my colleague at SJU, Dr. Aimée Knight. We composed a multimedia work titled “Crafting Malfunction: Rhetoric and Circuit-Bending.” Big thanks to the editors, authors, and reviewers at Harlot!

Circuit-bending, an art practice developed in the 1960’s, involves the creative short circuiting of battery-powered toys and instruments. Like many of its avant-garde precursors, circuit-bending is a composition practice that values access, chance, and indeterminacy. For this special issue of Harlot, we document our own circuit-bending process and make connections between the work of Qubais Reed Ghazala, the pioneer of circuit-bending, and rhetoric and writing. Specifically, we discuss the importance of access and creativity, invention and discovery, and the ways that composition is a collaborative performance between humans and nonhumans.

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