Fall 2015 @ SJU: Physical Computing and Accessibility

I’m really happy to be teaching a physical computing and accessibility course in the Fall 2015 semester at Saint Joseph’s University. In the course, students at SJU will learn the basics of Arduino hardware & software, learn about design accessibility and disability studies, and then partner with Philadelphia residents at Independence Edge Art Studio to co-design musical instruments. We will also organize a performance with all participants. Here’s the course description:

COM 473: Physical Computing and Accessibility
Physical computing grants us the ability to rethink the ways we interact with both digtial systems and the physical world. In this course, students will first learn the basics of Arduino micro-controller hardware and programming in the context of music and sound-based art. Then, collaborating with persons with disabilities in Philadelphia, students will co-create Arduino-based instruments, apply and expand upon their knowledge of disability and accessibility, and assist in organizing a community performance event. No previous experience with physical computing or music is necessary to take this course, only interest and committment to working in a diverse collaborative environment.

Want to get involved? If you’re a student at SJU, take the class! Are you interested in taking part in the instrument design/performance at Independence Edge? Contact me or Independence Edge Studio.

Otherwise, stay tuned to http://www.ditphl.org/ for updates to the project, from what we’re learning in class to the progress of the project.





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